Welcome to the “Social Service of Assistance” (Kharkiv Oblast Charitable Foundation). The SSA was set up as a charity organization under Ukrainean law in 1996 and is today the main, nongovernmental social service provider in Kharkiv. Our aim is to provide social services to vulnerable and low income citizens of Kharkiv city and oblast. In our social and charitable work we focus on three major beneficiary groups: Children and youth, elderly people, refugees and migrants.


At present, Ukraine faces such social diseases as alcoholism, drug addiction and crime - especially juvenile delinquency. The problems of the growing generation have complicated to become rather catastrophic. A lot of minors found themselves in the street. The number of families, where parents are deprived of parents’ rights due to substantial abuse or violence towards children, does not decrease. And if we remember the children abandoned in maternity homes and hospitals, the picture becomes even grimmer. Our projects - children?s village, centre for children?s creativity, charitable canteen, joiner?s workshop and our residential school - do make a difference for the children of Kharkiv.

Пожилые люди

Currently, the majority of the elder Ukrainian population lives below the poverty line. 13 million pensioners face indecent living. A good part of them are academics – former teachers, medical doctors, engineers. Many of them have to beg in the street, if their health permits. They eat expired food to survive till receiving the next pension, the size of which leaves much to be desired. But worst for them is that they do not feel needed anymore. They have to cope with indifference, insensitivity and uncertainty in tomorrow. The “Social Service of Assistance” has tried to give them back a life in dignity - our projects "club", "super babushka" and "social and medical care at home" do make a difference for elderly people in Kharkiv.

"Social Service of Assistance", Poltavskij Schlyach str.1/3, app. 27, Kharkiv, Ukraine 61012, phone +38(057) 712-30-16, fax +38(057) 712-48-89, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; Account in UAH: "Region Bank", Kharkiv, Account: 2600400111699