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Annual reports The Kharkiv Regional Charity Foundation "Social Service of Assistance"

The Kharkiv Regional Charity Foundation "Social Service of Assistance" was established as a charity organization. Our main goal is to provide help and support for socially deprived people in need in the city of Kharkiv and the Kharkiv region. In our work we focus on three major target groups: Children and adolescents, people of old age, and refugees, primarily internally displaced people (IDP's), who have fled from the war zone in Eastern Ukraine during the last four years.


  • First meeting of the founders of the Kharkiv Regional Charity foundation "Social Service of Assistance". Acceptance of the statutes and election of the president of the foundation.
  • State registration of the foundation by the ministry of law in the region of Kharkiv.
  • Start of first classes for children in the building of the "Profilaktorija" in the student village "Gigant" (drawing, journalism, puppet theater, dancing and music classes)


These organizations share the mission fund, are reliable partners and support our organization for many years. This support gives us the opportunity to help people do good things and implement the most ambitious projects into reality!

During the work of our foundation existence we have managed to put together a well-working team of enthusiastic specialists, who are not indifferent to other people’s destinies and emotions. Thanks to our team the projects, oriented on improving the life quality of socially vulnerable population groups, keep successfully developing.