• First meeting of the founders of the Kharkiv Regional Charity foundation "Social Service of Assistance". Acceptance of the statutes and election of the president of the foundation.
  • State registration of the foundation by the ministry of law in the region of Kharkiv.
  • Start of first classes for children in the building of the "Profilaktorija" in the student village "Gigant" (drawing, journalism, puppet theater, dancing and music classes)


  • Enactment of custody for minors, charity meals for children; more educational classes in the building of the school Nr. 264.
  • Start of a program of care for the very old.


  • Decision by the general assembly of the foundation "Social Service of Assistance" to establish a children's home including a boarding school in one complex.


  • Hosting of Chechen orphans from the Grozny orphanage "Our own family" in the Kharkiv region as part of an aid program for refugees and migrants.
  • Start of "Home Care", the Center for social and medical care at home for the very old.


  • Start of the program "Aid for migrants and refugees in the Kharkov region"


  • Start of a consultation center for refugees
  • Start of the Club for Seniors "Second youth". For the second time, the foundation "Social Service of Assistance" received a grant from the Humanitarian office of the European Community within the framework of the project "Support for the Disabled in 4 cities of Ukraine"
  • In order to build a family type orphanage in the form of a children's village, the foundation received 1.382,5 square meter ground in the forest zone from  the Kharkiv City administration.
  • Introduction of a computer class for refugees and migrants.


  • Sunday school for refugee children


  • Creation of the club "Super Granny" on the basis of the club "Second youth"
  • In May, Dieter Bohlen, the official representative of the European television channel RTL, visited our foundation together with a group of journalist  and became acquainted with our work. As a result, he ran a fund raising campaign on television for the building of our Children's village for orphans in the Kharkiv forest zone .
  • Children from the orphanage and from the Creative Activity Center gave charity concerts in Austria. The collection was used for the building of the Children's village.


  • Organisation of a consulting center for migrants and refugees with the support of the international organization "MOM" and the European union.


  • Together with the Kharkiv City Administration the realization of the project "Digital office" which provides consultation on social issues for different population groups.
  • Participation in the project "Strengthening migration management and cooperation on readmission in Eastern Europe (MIGRECO) in Ukraine with the help of the European Commission in Ukraine


  • Participation in a program to prevent illegal actions and illegal employment in Europe with the support of the Ministry of labor and the Ministry for Social protection of Czechia.
  • Project of legal and social help for refugees and asylum seekers.


  • Start of judicial consultations and support for migrants and refugees with the assistance and participation of the UNHCR.
  • Project "Work migration: possibilities and consequences"
  • Project "How to prevent human trafficking"


  • The foundation takes part in the Ukrainian charity forum -- the first professional association of charity foundations, organisations and business companies in Ukraine,  all focused on charitable services.
  • Project of technical cooperation and consolidation of government competence in Ukraine and Moldova toward the realization of the agreement with the European Union for readmission ("GUMIRA")
  • The project "Local integration of refugees in Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine"


  • Building the children's village "Otradnoe" and the grand opening of three family houses


  • Participation in the project "Support for the implementation of the agreement about readmission between the EU and the Republic of Moldova, the Russian Federation and Ukraine, assistance in case of voluntary return and reintegration (SIREADA)" , financed by the EU.
  • Implementation of the project "Helping hand" -- care for people in their final stage of life for the incurable ill and people of old age left without custody pertaining to Ukraine and Moldova with the support of the European Commission
  • Participation in the "Ukrainian League for the promotion of palliative and hospice help", an All-Ukrainian non-government organization, which aims to give decent care and support to the incurable ill in Ukraine.


  • The foundation scored one of the highest rating in the national assessment of charities, which was the first rating based on documentation of financial parameters spent in the sector of "support in the sphere of social protection". The organisation belonged to the category with a budget between 1 and 10 million Hrywnas


  • Implementation of the project "Quality improvement in palliative help by mobile home service" with the support of the International Renaissance Foundation.
  • Participation in the program "Dialogue Forum" of the German Foundation "Remembrance, Responsibility and Future", which tries to support the victims of National Socialism. The aim lies in "Strengthening the social relations of victims of National Socialism by intergenerational dialogue for mobile and immobile elderly people in Kharkiv"
  • Start of a project exploring problems of integration, hate crimes and discrimination of vulnerable groups.


  • Start of the project "Palliative and hospice home service in the city and the region of Kharkiv." The donor of the project is the European Union
  • Start of the project "Emergency assistance for IDP's from the warfare zone" with the support of Caritas of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Vienna -- "Help in Distress". This project evolved in reaction to the huge number of IDP's fleeing to Kharkiv from the war zone in Eastern Ukraine.


  • Organization of a summer camp for IDP children together with needy Kharkiv children in the children's village "Otradnoe". In the camp, the children can recover and relax, breathe the fresh air of the woods, have a good time in a friendly surrounding, take part in interesting recreation activities, various excursions, lectures, classes and trainings and find new friends. As a result, the summer camp has become a small but significant project of the foundation, and has been repeated every year.


  • Further construction in the children's village "Otradnoe". At the end of 2016 , 3 family houses are ready for 34 orphans or social orphans to grow up there.
  • Start of family canoe trips. These tours are not only for needy children but also for their parents. They offer  a unique and important therapy for people in crisis, who  have suffered turmoil and disruption and for those with psychological traumata from inner family conflicts or war experience.


  • Start of the project "Judicial, social and psychological help for IDP's in the city of Kharkiv.
  • Construction of two more houses in the Children's village "Otradnoe" . Festive opening and presentation of the houses to the families. Each family will take care of 12 children per house.
  • The foundation becomes a member of the network ICF "Caritas Ukraine" for the project of "Home care" and "Palliative help". The network includes 14 cities in Ukraine, among them Kiev, Lviv, Odessa, Kharkiv, Dnepr, Ternopol, Uzhgorod etc.
  • Development of a model of chargeable services offered to elderly people without the aim of profit.  The income received from these services is exclusively spent on the upkeep of the foundation, covering its expenses in the realization of its goals, tasks and programs.
  • The foundation begins with the project DARE, which tries to help children achieve their goals in education and in their private lives. The program includes 10 organizations from Ukraine, Moldova and Romania, who develop their potential by regular exchange, dissemination and elaboration of knowledge about child protection and education, fundraising and sustainability of projects.