Welcome to the Kharkiv Regional Charity Foundation "SOCIAL ASSISTANCE SERVICE". The Fund was founded in 1996 as a non-government, non-profit charity organization  with the aim of providing help and support for socially deprived and vulnerable people in the city of Kharkiv  and the Kharkiv region. We focus on three major target groups: children and adolescents, people of old age, and refugees, primarily internally displaced people (IDP's), who have fled from the war zone in Eastern Ukraine during the last four years.

Today, all our projects try to improve the quality of life for people in need. Our first priority lies with children and adolescents from various risk groups, street children, neglected  young people, social and real orphans. For this reason, most of our projects involve  work with children. These projects include the following:

  1. Youth and Family Creative Activity Center "Otradnoe", offering 18 different courses and activities for free, ranging from computer and English classes to dancing acrobatics or ceramics. About 500 children and 200 adult family members take part in these courses.
  2. "Care for families with children". This project helps parents in difficult living conditions to develop better parenting skills, it teaches them to take better care of their children. The aim is to lower the number of neglected and abandoned children (social orphans) in Kharkiv.
  3. "Children's Village Otradnoe", a family type orphanage, where at present 47 children are being cared for.
  4. "DARE", an educational program, which provides young people with the skills they need to responsibly take their lives and their development  in their own hands and become active citizens.

Old people represent another vulnerable group in the population. They also receive care from the Kharkiv Regional Charity Foundation "SOCIAL ASSISTANCE SERVICE". For them the following programs were developed:

  1. Day Center for Seniors. The club for active long life is called "Second youth" and offers the chance to realize one's potential and express oneself. At the same time, 50 active seniors can spend enjoyable time together, sharing their interests and  life experience.
  2. "Palliative measures: social and medical care for people in need of mobile palliative care" / "Sustainable system of home care in Ukraine". This projects give medical and social assistance to lonely people without relatives, very old people and to chronic and incurably ill people and their families.
  3. Support for people who suffered from Nazi persecution and repression by bringing them together with young people to strengthen their social contacts. This project is for mobile and immobile old people.

Finally, the Fund gives assistance to IDP's, who were forced to flee from their homes in Eastern Ukraine. It provides judicial, social and psychological consultation.

We are convinced that without the support our fellow man in our country, we cannot fully help and support all of those, who rely on our assistance. Every contribution of yours is extremely important and valuable to us. We are sincerely grateful for any single personal effort just as much as for cooperative help  from big companies. It's easy to achieve something good, just start!

"SOCIAL ASSISTANCE SERVICE", Poltavskij Schlyach str.1/3, app. 27, Kharkiv, Ukraine 61052, phone +38(057) 712-30-16, fax +38(057) 712-48-89, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; Account in UAH: "PrivatBank", Kharkiv, Account: UA543515330000026000052101631