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We welcome any form of assistance that may raise the quality of life of our beneficiaries. Besides  making financial contributions, you can give in the following ways:

You can also donate online through our partner Caritas Austria and become a sponsor for a child.

 KRCF "Social Service of Assistance"

Commerzbank AG, Frankfurt/ Main, Germany
Account: 4008867053 01 EUR
Region Bank, Kharkiv, Ukraine
Account: 2600100411699

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We express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to all those people and organizations that are not indifferent to the misery of others, to our social problems  and to the fate of people who need help!

Thank you all so much for your support. It is what allows us to do  good, to develop a sense of understanding of the importance of our work, to realize our boldest projects and to hope for a better future for all of us -- not only for those who receive our help but also  for ourselves, for you, and for society as a whole.


Working with people and for people, we consider evaluation of our work as important, but we also appreciate support. In our charity work, we would  like to work together with volunteers, because they play  a great and inestimable role in the life of any civil organization.

We are very grateful to all our donors for your attention and support! Every Hrywna that you contribute to our projects is an integral part of our big mission.