We welcome any form of assistance that may raise the quality of life of our beneficiaries. Besides  making financial contributions, you can give in the following ways:

  1. Products of Personal care and hygiene
    In the projects "Home care/ Palliative assistance" the elderly people who are cared for, often suffer from incurable chronic illnesses. They need products of hygiene and personal care every day, such as diapers, urological padding, wet napkins, anti-bedsore creams for bedridden patients etc.
  2. Cleaning products
    Social workers often help our beneficiaries clean their apartment. Therefore, cleaning products for the floor or surfaces, disinfectants, bath and toilet cleaners as well as sanitary gloves and shoe covering are always in demand.
  3. Stationery and materials for creative activities
    We constantly need stationery and materials for creative activities inh all our projects, whether for children and elderly. This includes different types of drawing paper, colors, plasticine, clay, colored pencils, markers, glue, etc. Our grannies love to sew, to stitch and to knit, so all materials for this kind of handicraft are very much appreciated as a gift!
  4. Whenever possible we support our beneficiaries with food packages.
    Normally these include longer lasting staples, such as cereals, preserves, sugar, tea, sunflower oil, biscuits etc. You can also support us by acquiring some food products, which we will pass on to our beneficiaries.
    Where to buy?   In any store in the city. If you do not know what to buy specifically, contact us by telephone (+38 057 712
    How and to what destination to deliver the goods? 
    We will always try to accommodate you and  pick them up ourselves without your efforts. We just ask you to call our project manager in advance to make arrangements. The number is (057) 712 30 16
  5. You can always offer your professional skills and competence.
    In today's world of modern technology, we have a great need for specialists who can improve the work of the foundation, make it more innovative and flexible. Here is what we need:
    1. Graphic designers to create different materials and publications: booklets, business cards, banners etc.
    2. Specialists or organizations, who could improve or renovate our website. One innovative idea for the further development of our foundation is to open an internet shop, where  various products made by our beneficiaries could be sold.
    3. Photo- and video specialists, who could make high quality  photo- and video materials.
    4. Hair specialists, who would groom our grandmothers and grandfathers giving them an accurate and good-looking hairdo that would improve their looks

Maybe you have some other ideas how to help us but did not find them on the list?  Then call us under the number (057) 712 30 16 .  We are waiting for you and will always offer you the opportunity to show your compassion.

Thank you beforehand for caring.