Legal, social and psychological assistance to forcibly displaced persons from the war zone in Eastern Ukraine, who live now in the Kharkiv region.

Due to the present situation in our country, a huge number of  people have fled from their home in Eastern Ukraine because of the war and have  acquired the status of internally displaced persons (IDP's),  looking for living quarters and a minimal life stability in other cities and regions of the country. The project "Assistance to forcibly displaced persons" was created to reach the following goals.

  1. Improvement of living conditions through legal, social and psychological assistance.
  2. recovery of necessary legal documents, the obtainment of social benefits from the state, document preparation for submission to state institutions and to legal courts for litigation, etc.
  3. Enablement to conduct business (legal aspects of restoring, beginning or continuing  one's business)
  4. Improvement of the psychological state of IDP's (children, mothers, fathers, elderly and lonely people)

All these goals are reached by the following methods:  individual legal, social and psychological consultation;  group lectures and group legal and psychological trainings ; group psychotherapy, provision of a safe children's toy room (when parents with small children come to the consultation center); round tables for free talk and sharing of experience between the parents in the presence of a psychologist and social worker.  The IDP's themselves share information about our activities on  social networks, which helps us to attract more and more clients and donors to our projects.

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