Since 2011, by  initiative of the Kharkiv Regional Charity Foundation "Social Service of Assistance" the international charity ball "When dreams come true" has become an annual event in Kharkiv. This project does not have its own budget; it is exclusively organized on the basis of donations by Kharkiv citizens and socially responsible business in Kharkiv.

The international charity ball "When dreams come true" has in addition to its charitable goal an educational one. Everybody who wants to participate, can do so regardless of his age, gender, nationality or dancing ability. All representatives of the city and the region  are invited to the ball, also the embassies, consulates and national culture centers in Kharkiv as well as all people of good will, for whom doing something good has become an inseparable part of their life. This is a bright event in the life of Kharkiv with unforgettable wonderful impressions and memories for all its guests.

The international charity ball "When dreams come true"  aims at the following:

  1. to unite people around the noble idea of helping children living in difficult conditions
  2. to consolidate a renaissance of the culture of charity giving in Ukraine, especially among the younger generation
  3. to reestablish the historical tradition of ball room dancing and promote comprehensive personality building in young people, making them more open, more cultured and more tolerant.
  4. to demonstrate that everyone can become a benefactor, regardless of his income, that when he contributes his share to big projects, this makes a difference not only for the person receiving this help but also for society as a whole.

If you want to participate as a ball debutante,  fill out a participant application. For more information please contact the manager of the ball under This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by telephone +38 097-93-1245; +38 0633-49-70-13 (Yulia Levanda)