Children & youth

The Youth and Family Creativity  Center "Otradnoe" was established in 1996. Today, 500 children and more than 200 parents attend 18 different circles, classes and courses for free.

The project "Social care for families with children" was developed to lower the level of child neglect and social orphanhood by offering families in difficult living conditions assistance and trainings in parental skills.

"DARE" tries to help children achieve their educational and personal goals in life.

We want our children to become mature, happy and responsible adults, able to develop and realize their full potential in life. We want to help them feel their own strength,  fulfill their own dreams and  overcome barriers. To give them self-confidence and faith as well as the inner motivation to continue on the way to their goals.

Many orphanages in Ukraine house some hundred children. Under those conditions it is very difficult to give attention to every child. An alternative to those big institutions are family type children's homes, with no more than 10 children in each house, constituting a family.