The project "Social care for families with children" was developed to lower the level of child neglect and social orphanhood by offering families in difficult living conditions assistance and trainings in parental skills.

The program includes the following actions and practices:

  1. Monthly food aid packages
  2. psychological assistance: on the one hand group trainings in the "Club for parents", aimed at improving the psychological competence of the parents".
    On the other hand, individual psychological consultation given by a psychologist, who visits  the particular family together with a social worker. 
    All transactions are documented in a state standardized journal, with a short description of the problem of the client, the consultation and the recommendations.
  3. Different types of assistance, from the recovery of lost documents to help in finding employment.
  4. Cultural events, which create a feeling of togetherness and lead to a good psychological atmosphere in the family. These are free and include visits to the theater, the circus, the planetarium and other recreation together.
    All these events aim at the essentials: to change the psychological atmosphere in the family and at the same time improve the material situation,  promote a healthy way of life, more attention to the children;  enable the parents achieve a sustainable level of self-reliance and skills in solving their family problems.

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