"DARE" tries to help children achieve their educational and personal goals in life.

We want our children to become mature, happy and responsible adults, able to develop and realize their full potential in life. We want to help them feel their own strength,  fulfill their own dreams and  overcome barriers. To give them self-confidence and faith as well as the inner motivation to continue on the way to their goals.

The program DARE  is implemented in Ukraine, Moldova and Romania in 9 different locations It is terminated from June 1st 2017 to May 30th 2019.

Particpants are organizations, associations, teachers, children. There are three realms of development: to grow  and achieve, to love and support, to influence and reinforce.

The children and adolescents in "DARE" clarify their educational goals and take the way there and their achievements into their own hands. They become active citizens, responsible for their own life. For  this successful development, the adults have to improve their own competence through trainings in parenting and teaching with a positive discipline and new methods.

All this will be realized by the following innovative approaches.

  1. the system SOLE (self-organizational educational centers)
  2. implementation of active youth parliaments
  3. Series of trainings in family case management, improvement of parenting potential etc.

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