The Youth and Family Creativity  Center "Otradnoe" was established in 1996. Today, 500 children and more than 200 parents attend 18 different circles, classes and courses for free.

The center focuses on creating  the right conditions for a harmonious development of a child's creative potential and personality. It promotes family values and the consolidation of the family as an institution. It tries prevent child neglect and social orphanhood. Finally it assists families of IDP's from Eastern Ukraine and Ukrainian soldiers who took part in the ATO, to adapt to their new living situation, develop new social ties and integrate themselves into society in Kharkiv.

The children can regularly attend the following classes and sections: drawing, pottery, chess, singing, school preparation, English, woodcarving, modeling, circus arts, dancing, ballroom dance, hapkido, computer courses, handicraft, and water sports. Parents are offered classes in drawing, ballroom dance, and fitness.

During the year, the children can participate in different competitions and festivals, where they show excellent results and attain prizes. This demonstrates the effectiveness of this project and strengthens our image, which consolidates trust toward our organization.

Among the parents, two active groups have evolved, who participate in the events of the center and the foundation, helping us in our  everyday work. This offers a new fascinating perspective: it may be possible to develop a volunteer movement  within the organization as well as generally in various charity campaigns.

You can always become a friend of the center. Any help from your side will be welcomed. Find out more about it in the section  "Get involved" or "Donate  online"