Charitable сanteenDue to the economic crisis in Ukraine more than 80% of the population suffers from acute privations. Soaring prices, unpaid salaries, latent unemployment have contributed to the fact that the majority of the population found itself on the brink of survival.

More than 50% of the present Ukrainian population fails to provide for their independent living. They require social assistance and support. In such families children fail to get appropriate nutrition sometimes they even suffer from starvation.

On the basis of our Residential school we run the project “Charitable Canteen”. Five times a week, more than 50 children from poor and multi-children families get free lunches at our Children’s Charitable Canteen. Those children are sent to us by the Educational Department of the City Council upon their schools’ petitions. They get full-scale feeding, attention and care they often lack at home. At the same time, the Center for Children’s Creativity offers them many interesting circles and occupations to properly arrange their leisure time. This takes them away from the street providing a chance of multifaceted development.