Many orphanages in Ukraine house some hundred children. Under those conditions it is very difficult to give attention to every child. An alternative to those big institutions are family type children's homes, with no more than 10 children in each house, constituting a family.

In order to give children a real home and family, we developed the project of the children's village "Otradnoe".  To this day, 5 family type houses have been built. These two-story houses provide 5 families, each caring for 10 children with a pleasant, warm and comfortable home.

Beginning with the moment of their arrival in the children's village, the children adapt to the conditions of their foster families. They develop the right concept of what family life is like, they can observe the relationship of their parents and learn to avoid and solve conflicts in difficult situations. The emotional and psychological relationship between the parents and the children improves; the parents support the children in their school work, in the development of their talents and abilities.

All children take part in the classes of the youth and family creativity center. The children participate in various events: competitions and festivals. Sometimes they win prizes. The children from the village Otradnoe are active participants in sport events and soccer games. One child was included in the All-Ukrainian boxing team. Since September 2017, the children and parents of the village are also active in the regional program DARE.

The graduates are well adjusted to life and society, they can make decisions on their own, take care of a household and of themselves. In one year, 5 children left the village because they had reached the age of maturity and received  vocational training. One of them is already married and has started her own family.

All inhabitants of the village "Otradnoe" are open and willing to communicate. If you would like to support this project, you can find out more about it in the section "Get involved"  or "Donate online"