Due to the complicated economic situation in Ukraine, the number of people, who want to get employed abroad, is steadily rising. At the same time the number of swindlers, who use this situation in their selfish interests or for criminal purposes (human trafficking, slavery, etc.), has also quickly increased.

To prevent such negative consequences “Social Service of Assistance” has started this project.

We offer free consultations for those, who want to get employed abroad. Upon the client wish, we check the legal status of the probable employer. Moreover, we offer targeted consultations regarding vacancies available at the moment and job offers for specialists for legal employment in the Czech Republic.

consultation centre for migrantsIn our project, we give counseling on necessary documents to receive a residence permit in a certain country plus free legal assistance in preparing such documents. Our close cooperation with IOM (International Organization for Migration), Ukrainian Ministry for Labor and Social Policy, Kharkiv Regional Employment Center, Service for Minors Issues, Chief department for Education and Science at Oblast State Administration, Department for Nationalities and Religions Issues, Kiev Department of the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Refugees, Kiev office of Kennan Institute, different civil initiatives and regional media provide for a fruitful work. It keeps us well-informed about the current political, legal changes in this area and helps us act in accordance with the current legislation.

In the course of the project (since August 2005) 3198 people have approached our "consultation centre for migrants". They got required information regarding employment, help in preparing documents to get visas, residence permits, refugee status, citizenship, recovery of the lost documents, reunification with a family, training programs, grants, to participate in volunteer movements, or students exchange programs.