The project "A Helping Hand - Care for the final stage of life for the terminally ill and elderly people left without care in Moldova and Ukraine"


The overall coordination and implementation of the project organization "Caritas Austria" and partner organizations in Ukraine.

This project will be organized system of outreach services for palliative care and provided quality home care in three main regions of Ukraine and Moldova. During the project 1500 people will have access to quality care at home in the final stages of life. They will be supervised by more than 200 professionals and 300 volunteers who will undergo special training.

Target group - 40-50 people a month older people with cancer to be served by a multidisciplinary team, which will consist of doctors, nurses, social workers, pastors, priests, volunteers, in order to alleviate pain in the medical, social, psychological and spiritual respect.


Services provided by a visiting team of the Project:

- Medical;

- Bed linen to the processing of pressure sores;

- Flushing the catheter, changing urinary incontinence bag, and;

- Dental health;

- Rubbing of the skin;

- Rapid determination of blood sugar;

- Measurement of blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature;

- Perhaps through a feeding tube;

- Statement of an enema;

- Definition of pain;

- Production of intravenous lines and shots, partial distribution of drugs;

- Assistance in all areas of daily life;

- Walking with the patient and support the patient in different places;

- At the request of the patient delivery of food, drugs (prescription), household goods at home;

- Bathing a patient, cutting the patient, nail care, etc.

- Laundry, cleaning and disinfection in the apartment at the request of the patient;

- Creation for the terminally ill connection with the outside world, the establishment and support of contact with relatives abroad, ensure that, where necessary has been granted legal aid;

- The involvement of volunteers:

The volunteers will listen to and talk with patients, read to them as possible to accompany them during a walk and perform their tasks. If necessary, volunteers stay with patients overnight. Will have a strong volunteer base within a functioning civil society.

- Assist the clergy:

The priests of different faiths will help patients cope with diagnosis and disease, to support grieving families and children, talk with them about the illnesses and deaths of their loved ones, to try to alleviate distress, and all three partner organizations at the international level.

Relatives living abroad older people can access information on how they can organize palliative home care for family members

The project will study the situation remained without care of older people and their needs for improved quality of life in the final stages of life. After completion of the project will be provided with educational materials on which you can continue to work in other places. Participants in training for the project will transfer the acquired knowledge to other organizations and partners.