Elderly people

It is a challenge for most people to live during forced self-isolation when the social circle is limited; there is no opportunity to see friends, visit favorite places, just go out.

In such conditions, elderly people need support more than ever. Social distancing is undoubtedly aggravated the already burning issue of social isolation of older persons.

In 1999, the Fund began to organize medical and social aid for lonely people of old age without relatives. Today the "Sustainable system of home care in Ukraine" guarantees that almost 60 elderly people receive social, medical, and everyday assistance.

Since 2011 the Fund is active in palliative care.  The aim is to improve the life quality of seriously and incurably ill people and their families. This year, we are doing this as a member of the network "Palliative measures: social and medical care for people in need of mobile palliative care".  

In February 2001, thanks to the European Community Humanitarian Office (ECHO) and with the financial help of the international organization "Caritas Austria" we were able to open the club of active old age "Second Youth".

The project offers social support for victims of National Socialism: persons affected by Nazism during World War II, survivors of concentration camps, as well as survivors of the Leningrad blockade, persons affected in the occupied territory.