In 1999, the Fund began to organize medical and social aid for lonely people of old age without relatives. Today the "Sustainable system of home care in Ukraine" guarantees that almost 60 elderly people receive social, medical, and everyday assistance.

Since 2011 the Fund is active in palliative care.  The aim is to improve the life quality of seriously and incurably ill people and their families. This year, we are doing this as a member of the network "Palliative measures: social and medical care for people in need of mobile palliative care".  

Our staff offers the following services:

  • Health check in accordance with medical indications and recommendations: our medical workers systematically observe the state of the patient, measure the blood pressure and the temperature, carry out blood sugar tests, etc.
  • Care and support in everyday life: personal hygiene, washing, baths, cutting nails, combing, dressing, and changing of bed sheets as well as help in the household (shopping, procuring of medicine, cooking, washing, ironing, etc.)
  • Moral and psychological help for the patients and their relatives. A psychologist may visit in person as well as give advice by telephone. Also, there are group training, where patients can help each other. This improves and stabilizes the emotional state of the seriously ill and their family members.
  • Counseling about means of rehabilitation (how to acquire and use anti-bedsore mattresses, wheelchairs, strollers, etc.) and the leasing of these means for temporary use.
  • Sanitary lessons for relatives of palliative patients, that is, how to give basic care to acutely ill patients. These lessons are also offered to the general public, in order to raise awareness about palliative help and how to give it.

Our Fund is a charity organization that depends entirely upon charity donations and the support of sponsors. The lonely old people and those in a very difficult life situation, usually receive our assistance for free. It is only since 2017 that our Fund has begun to offer chargeable social services.

This work complies with the state standards of home care and palliative care.

The fees for chargeable social services have been set according to the "Methodical recommendations about fees for chargeable services, offered by district social service centers for the elderly, lonely and disabled". They were approved by an official decree, which also laid down, that the Fund charges fees for its services in accordance with its statutes and makes no profit by it.
With each client and his relatives, a contract is signed about the social services offered, listing the cost and the payment procedures. 
Besides, the Fund offers services on a chargeable basis in leasing means of rehabilitation. With each client (or his representative) a contract is signed, featuring the means of rehabilitation the leasing period, and the sum to be paid by the client.

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