The project offers social support  for victims of National Socialism and survivors of  concentration camps as well as survivors of the Leningrad blockade, victims of forced labor in Germany, participants in the partisan movement and others, who suffered from Nazi persecution during the Second World War. It tries to intensify their social life drawing them into active interaction with their civil surroundings..

On the basis of the Club "Second Youth" we arrange informal meetings in the Children's village "Otradnoe" and organize the dialogue between the generations. The older generation can tell the young people about their experience, what they went through in their life and give answers to their questions. We also organize visits of volunteers to the home of those who can no longer go outside of their home because of their health condition. And we formed a circle for handicraft, where old and young people can work side by side. communicating by means of their creativity.

In this way, we strive to make the members of this target group feel less lonely and isolated and lift up their spirits and active social involvement.

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