In February 2001, thanks to the European Community Humanitarian Office (ECHO) and with the financial help of the international organization "Caritas Austria" we were able to open the club of active old age "Second Youth".

Since then the last 15 years, our club has brought 50 elderly people together, who firmly believe that their age is no barrier to a fulfilling energetic life. This is a very creative, strong, socially active group of people, who feel almost like kin to each other. They are outgoing, full of initiative, and on the basis of our club "Second youth" they are able to realize their potential.

Meaningful recreation, classes in arts and crafts as well as circles of various topics of interest, gymnastics, visits to theaters and museums, concerts and festive events allow our clients to actively participate in social life, improve their emotional balance and general self awareness and simply mingle with new and interesting people. The visitors have at their disposal the material and technical assets of the club, household equipment, soft utensils, materials for arts and crafts as well as sports training devices.

Moreover, there is interaction with other projects of the foundation;  the seniors become friends with the kids of the children's village "Otradnoe" or meet with the survivors of Nazi concentration camps,  of the blockade in Leningrad or of forced labour in Germany. These contacts take place  within the program  "Dialogue Forum" and  help to strengthen the relationship between different parts of society, create a system of mutual support for elderly people and solve the problem of "fathers and sons"

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