Our project "electronic office and social counselling" provides consulting support to different categories of people of Kharkiv who are entitled to special benefits.

One of the project tasks is to acquaint people with their rights, inform them about their possibilities to receive benefits, subsidies or other support provided by the state.

Our services are especially important now because the state legislation keeps changing and people know little about those changes.

Due to the complicated economic situation in Ukraine, the number of people, who want to get employed abroad, is steadily rising. At the same time the number of swindlers, who use this situation in their selfish interests or for criminal purposes (human trafficking, slavery, etc.), has also quickly increased.

To prevent such negative consequences “Social Service of Assistance” has started this project.

We offer free consultations for those, who want to get employed abroad. Upon the client wish, we check the legal status of the probable employer. Moreover, we offer targeted consultations regarding vacancies available at the moment and job offers for specialists for legal employment in the Czech Republic.

consultation centre for migrantsIn our project, we give counseling on necessary documents to receive a residence permit in a certain country plus free legal assistance in preparing such documents. Our close cooperation with IOM (International Organization for Migration), Ukrainian Ministry for Labor and Social Policy, Kharkiv Regional Employment Center, Service for Minors Issues, Chief department for Education and Science at Oblast State Administration, Department for Nationalities and Religions Issues, Kiev Department of the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Refugees, Kiev office of Kennan Institute, different civil initiatives and regional media provide for a fruitful work. It keeps us well-informed about the current political, legal changes in this area and helps us act in accordance with the current legislation.

legal support for refugeesMany of the refugees coming to Ukraine fail to legalize their residence in our country due to a lack of knowledge about the current legislation or the procedure of getting a legal status. Often they simply do not have the necessary documents and therefore, have to hide.

social centre for refugeesThe center accommodates a Sunday school for children, provides Russian language classes and operates a computer club. We provide an opportunity for the refugees to communicate with their relatives via internet. Different diasporas and communities hold their meetings, celebrate their national and religious holidays or simply get together.

The Center also hosts the club “women of the east”, where women have the opportunity to discuss various problems faced in ordinary life. Women can arrange their leisure time without breaking their national customs and traditions.

social & medical care at homeToday in Kharkiv many old, sick people, especially single ones, suffer from lack of medication, social assistance and unqualified care.

According to official statistics 15% of people aged 65-74 suffer from immobility and after the age of 75 the number of those suffering increases. Up to 31% of those people experience difficulties in self-supply; 8% - do not leave their flats; 5% - do not leave their beds.

super grannyIn 2004 we founded the “super babushka” or "super granny competition". Today one of Kharkiv?s most popular events for elderly peolpe, taking place in the Kharkiv Opera hall once a year.

The possibility to explore own creative potentials, talents, skills, acquire a new sense in living, generate new experience, feel to be part of a good working team, demostrate the importance and high position of an elderly person in the society, attract public attention to the elderly people needs are the project?s aims.

humanitarian aidSince 1996 our fund has received clothes, shoes, durable food, school equipment, musical instruments, medical equipment, donated by our partners from USA, Ireland, Slovakia, Austria and Italy.

Charitable сanteenDue to the economic crisis in Ukraine more than 80% of the population suffers from acute privations. Soaring prices, unpaid salaries, latent unemployment have contributed to the fact that the majority of the population found itself on the brink of survival.

More than 50% of the present Ukrainian population fails to provide for their independent living. They require social assistance and support. In such families children fail to get appropriate nutrition sometimes they even suffer from starvation.

When creating a carpentry shop, we pursued several goals:

  • Developing skills for children
  • Provide teenagers with an opportunity to get a profession
  • Organize jobs for young people
  • To create a commercial project for further financing of charitable programs conducted by the "Social Assistance Service"

residential schoolToday our residential school accommodates 40 children aged from 3 to 16. We have a State License providing our residential school with the permission to have a primary school, where children aged between 7 and 10 can get their education.

This is necessary, because children that come to us are often socially neglected and lag behind their coevals. They can hardly read and count and very often they can nott write. In order to bring them up to the level of the state’s school program we set up our own primary school. Children older than 10 years of age go to state schools.